Friday, 3 February 2012

Batman: TAS. Character ask blog.

On Tumblr there is a select group of crazy artists such as myself who have adopted various characters from cartoons or literature as muses. People write in to ask them questions, and we draw a response. Good practice for staying in character, impromptu comic writing and getting faster and better as we go (not to mention being very cathartic, in a nerdy way).
Here's a selection of some of the work I've ended up creating for absolutely no profit and lots of laughs.
 Jervis Tetch aka. the Mad Hatter is the property of Batman the Animated Series, D.C. and Warner Brothers.


  1. Awesome stuff, I love Jervis! He's my personal favourite Batman villain. And I always thought of him as a piano guy! ;)

  2. i like how you put jervis and harvey together, theve never worked or been together with anything, its cool good job dude