Friday, 2 March 2012

Bad Teeth Brigade

So, initially this was supposed to be a sort of ‘why haven’t these three been drawn together before’ and a big thanks to all the followers on my Jervis and Mod askblogs (which it still is), but really, when it comes down to it, it’s also a thank you to Batman: the Animated Series.

Without TAS, there would be no Teen Titans, there would be no Brave and the Bold- what that show did for the world of cartoons is hard to put into words. They wrote every episode to be a movie; to be a real, true story that people could relate to. They made a world that was stunning, stylized and impossible, but believable; inhabited by well developed characters voiced by some of the biggest names of the era. It finally put television animation on the map as a serious art, and brought the myths and magic of the Batman comics to the screen in a new light.

So, yes; thanks TAS. You scared the shit out of me as a kid. I owe you.


  1. The opening credits where he was standing on the building was the highlight of my growing up years. Silhouette and thunder, then darkness. Way, way, WAY cool! Now that you’ve mentioned it, BTAS villains did have not-so-wonderful teeth.

    - Doris Pender

  2. Hehe. TAS, the first art style... Was my fav Batman. My fav DC Comics ever. It wasn't just about beating the bad guy, or saving the world again and again. TAS showed us behind the mask of so many heroes and villains and on top of it brought us our favorite little Harley Quinn. If they got rid of all cartoons based on the DC Comics except one I'd chose Batman: TAS.... and beg for Teen Titans XD Because Mad Mod, Mumbo Jumbo and Beast Boy rock. If it weren't for TAS I wouldn't be into Comics or Anime or Games. (Video or Table Top)

    ((By the way Jervis is my favorite DC character of all time XD))