Thursday, 24 April 2014

Well I certainly nearly forgot that I have an art blog

Oh dear that was stupid of me BUT I HAVE RETURNED FROM THE GRAVE. Well, actually I didn't die so I'm not sure what I would be doing in a grave, perhaps someone just got tired of me or mistook me for a corpse while I was sleeping. Anyway I've been slogging away at storyboarding work on contract and will be doing so again in a short while, but in the interim perhaps I can make up for neglecting this blog and do some catching up by posting art from the missed weeks. For those with tumblr blogs I actually post most of my drawings there on my own blog in the art tag page so you can scroll through an infinity of inane doodles and other art over there if you like!

This is a screen shot study I did yesterday to shake things up. It's taken from Endeavour, Season 2 Episode 4, and it's a wonderful show not least for the stunning composition and lighting they use (first image is the screen shot second in the study).

details (at original size);


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